Phelan Locksmith

BMG Lock & Key is a locally-operated, locally-owned business. We’ve spent over 30 years serving the beautiful city of Apple Valley. We pride ourselves on rapid response, reasonable pricing, and honest work. It’s never a convenient time to need emergency locksmith services, but our 24/7 service is here for you in those frustrating situations. In no time at all, you’ll be moving on with your regularly-scheduled day!

Dependable and friendly service is a guarantee at BMG Lock & Key. Whether you need a residential, commercial, or auto locksmith, our licensed and insured locksmiths will work hard to provide you with top-notch services at the best prices you’ll find at any local Phelan locksmith. We believe in fair pricing and honest work. With free quotes and safe, effective, damage-free techniques, our all-inclusive locksmith service menu is sure to make you a repeat customer. Give us a call today and you’ll see why we’re the most trusted and reliable local locksmith service in Phelan!

Residential Locksmith Services

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are an excellent choice for the ultra-cautious homeowner. Beyond alarms and security cameras, high-security locks are brilliant because they resist duplication, drilling, picking, and bumping. A shocking 95% of homes are equipped with non-high-security locks. Make your home a difficult target with high-security lock installation! Your BMG locksmith will walk you through the options and the installation process to get your home as safe and secure as possible.

Mailbox Lock Replacement

If you’ve lost your mailbox key or broken your lock, the mail can begin to pile up in a hurry. Avoid missed bills and packages by calling BMG for mailbox lock replacement! Your lock will be replaced quickly and efficiently with our extensive range of locksmith services.


A padlock is an excellent solution to many security problems, but keys are easy to lose. The solution is simple - call your trusty local locksmith a call at BMG! We’ve got the skills and equipment to regain your access to any locked item or area. Breaking a padlock with your own tools is dangerous and difficult, so let us handle it for you!

Old Lock Repair

Old locks might become faulty as time wears on. If you’re unable to access the contents of a box, a safe, or even a room, you’ll want to call an expert locksmith to open your lock. From broken-off keys to rusty old locks, BMG is here for you!

House Lockouts

Being locked out of your house is never fun. Whether you were locked out by a child, you lost your keys, or you left your keys behind as you hurried to your car, you’ll soon be looking for the most dependable locksmith near you. You could damage your home or injure yourself by trying to get back inside through a window or by breaking in. Our skilled technicians are here to help! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’ll get you back inside quickly, safely, and without damage to your property. If you’re locked out of your house, call 760-983-5083.

Lock Rekey

BMG, your favorite Phelan locksmith company, provides fast and reliable rekeying services. If you’ve recently moved into a new home and you want to ensure that no unauthorized guests can gain easy access to your home, rekeying is an excellent solution. Keep your home safe and secure by giving our full-service locksmith service a call today!

Commercial Locksmith Services

Hardware Installation

Perhaps you need deadbolts added to your organization’s doors, or maybe you want to add additional locks in a few key areas. No matter what type of hardware you need, we have the expertise to tackle your installation!

Only the best locksmith companies can provide you with full-service commercial locksmith services and installation, which is why you’ll find it all at BMG! From doorknobs to repairs, maintenance to lock installation, and everything in between, we’ll be proud to earn your repeat business.

Rekey Services

If your business has recently relocated to a new property, your keys are lost, or a key has landed in the wrong hands, you’ll want to pursue rekeying. Our expert technicians will show you which locks should be rekeyed, and we’ll have your building safe and secure in no time.

Master Key Systems

You’ll usually find a master key system on a commercial property, like a hospital, church, or storage facility. A single master key is responsible for opening every door in the system, and other keys are distributed to open specific doors. Master key systems are convenient and clever. Reach out to BMG and allow our knowledgeable locksmiths to equip your business with a master key system to protect your hard-earned business from security threats. Competing local locksmith companies can’t come close to our personalized and professional service!

Automotive Locksmith Services

Ignition Keys

A lost or damaged car ignition key can throw a wrench in your plans. Whether you’re stranded in a public setting or unable to leave the driveway, getting your key replaced is a pressing matter. Your favorite auto locksmith at BMG will have your day back on track in a jiffy!

Unlock Trunk

If you’ve found yourself unable to unlock your trunk because your keys are inside, your lock is damaged, or your keys are completely lost, BMG is here to help. Give us a call and let our dependable locksmith in Phelan save the day!

Transponder Keys

A transponder key is a unique, high-tech device. It’s anything but simple. Electronic keys need to be programmed, they contain batteries, they include circuitry, and they’re complex. From replacement transponder keys to key repairs to battery replacements, we’ve got the technology and know-how to get the job done.

Car Lockout Assistance

Being locked out of your car is among the most frustrating inconveniences you could encounter. At BMG, you’ll get a lockout locksmith who values your time and your money. You’ll receive only the most affordable, timely service from your local automotive locksmith at BMG. Using the latest damage-free technology and techniques, we’ll unlock your car and allow you to move on with the rest of your day. If you’re locked out of your car, give our 24/7 locksmith service a call at 760-983-5083!

Lost or Duplicate Motorcycle and Car Keys

Nothing can ruin your day quite like a lost motorcycle or car key. Prevent losing your only key or replace an already-lost key by calling BMG today for a car key locksmith. Our trained and certified Phelan auto locksmith technicians will get your new key made affordably and quickly. You’ll be cruising away in no time!

Full-Vehicle Rekey

Full-vehicle rekeying is the smart solution to a few different potential security threats. Perhaps your spare key has been lost or stolen, or maybe you were in an accident and your locks have been damaged. Keep your vehicle completely safe and secure with a full-vehicle rekey.