Adelanto Locksmith

BMG Lock & Key has been proudly serving the community of Adelanto, California for over 30 years. Our locally-owned and operated business promises affordable prices and fast response times. We know nobody ever wants to find themselves needing emergency locksmith services. We strive to turn an inconvenient and unexpected situation into a minor bump in the road! Our 24/7 locksmith service is on standby, ready to get your day back on track.

At BMG Lock & Key, we prioritize friendly and reliable service. Whether you’re searching for a commercial, automotive, or residential locksmith, our insured and licensed professionals will always strive to deliver top-notch service. Our local Adelanto locksmith services are the most affordable you’ll find in the area. We always provide free quotes, and our damage-free, safe, and effective locksmith techniques are backed by integrity. Call us now and let us prove to you why we’re the most dependable and professional local locksmith service in Adelanto!

Automotive Locksmith Services

Unlock Trunk

If your keys are lost or locked inside your trunk, or if your trunk lock has been damaged, give BMG a call. The most dependable locksmith in Adelanto will be happy to help you solve the problem and get back to living your life!

Ignition Keys

Losing or damaging your car ignition key is upsetting. Whether you were on your way out the door or you’re stuck in a parking lot with a car full of groceries, getting a new ignition key made is an urgent matter. Call BMG for an auto locksmith to get you up and running quickly!

Lost or Duplicate Motorcycle and Car Keys

Nothing can ruin your day quite like a lost motorcycle or car key. Prevent losing your only key or replace an already-lost key by calling BMG today for a car key locksmith. Our trained and certified Adelanto auto locksmith technicians will get your new key made affordably and quickly. You’ll be cruising away in no time!

Full-Vehicle Rekey

Full-vehicle rekeying is the smart solution to a few different potential security threats. Perhaps your spare key has been lost or stolen, or maybe you were in an accident and your locks have been damaged. Keep your vehicle completely safe and secure with a full-vehicle rekey.

Car Lockout Assistance

Being locked out of your car is among the most frustrating inconveniences you could encounter. At BMG, you’ll get a lockout locksmith who values your time and your money. You’ll receive only the most affordable, timely service from your local automotive locksmith at BMG. Using the latest damage-free technology and techniques, we’ll unlock your car and allow you to move on with the rest of your day. If you’re locked out of your car, give our auto locksmith technicians a call at 760-983-5083!

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are tricky because they aren’t your run-of-the-mill, all-metal key. These electronic keys require programming. They have anti-theft features that make them more high-tech and complex, they are full of circuitry, and they even contain a battery. From battery replacement to key repair to full transponder key replacement, BMG has you covered!

Residential Locksmith Services

Lock Rekey

Your trusted Adelanto locksmith company, BMG, offers dependable and quick rekeying services. If your spare key is in the wrong hands or you’ve recently moved into a new place and want to ensure your own safety, rekeying is the way to go. Make your home a safe haven with our full-service locksmith service offering!

High-Security Locks

Careful and meticulous homeowners love to complement their security systems with high-security locks. This type of lock is an excellent choice because it resists picking, duplication, bumping, and drilling. You might be surprised to learn that only 5% of American homes feature high-security locks. Deter thieves by allowing BMG to install high-security locks on your home today! We’ll start by discussing all your options, then we’ll move on to installation. Your home will soon be safer than ever before!

House Lockouts

It’s never a good time to be locked out of your house. Whether you were rushing out the door, your child unknowingly locked a door, or you return home to find that your keys are missing, you’ll quickly find yourself searching for the best locksmith near you. Trying to get back into your own home without a key can be dangerous and damaging to your home. Our tedious technicians will come to the rescue 24/7/365 and get you back into your home safely, quickly, and efficiently. Just give us a call at 760-983-5083!


Padlocks are great for keeping things secure, but what happens when you lose the key? You give your local locksmith a call! At BMG, we have all the tools and knowledge to effectively access padlocked gates, boxes, and beyond. Attempting to break a padlock on your own can be extremely unsafe, so leave it to the pros at BMG!

Old Lock Repair

Like many other old, well-loved objects, locks can become finicky or faulty over time. You may suddenly become unable to access the contents of a safe, you might be unable to unlock and open a door inside or outside of your home, or a key might break off inside a lock. Not to worry - BMG has you covered with expert lock repair services!

Mailbox Lock Replacement

Is your mailbox lock broken, or have you lost your key? Not a problem! BMG, your trusted local locksmith service, specializes in mailbox lock replacement. Give us a call today and we’ll have your lock replaced before you even have a chance to miss any important packages or correspondence!

Commercial Locksmith Services

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are commonly found in commercial properties, such as storage facilities, churches, hospitals, and more. One master key will be used to open all doors within the entire system, while other keys only give the keyholder access to one specific door. Convenience is the top benefit of a master key system. Our professional locksmiths will fit your entire property with new locks and ensure that your new master key system is installed efficiently.

Rekey Services

If you’ve recently purchased a new commercial property, terminated a disgruntled employee with access to your building, or lost your keys, rekeying is essential. Our experienced technicians will walk through your property and identify any locks that could benefit from rekeying. Keeping your business secure and safe is our priority!

Hardware Installation

Perhaps you need deadbolts added to your organization’s doors, or maybe you want to add additional locks in a few key areas. No matter what type of hardware you need, we have the expertise to tackle your installation!

Only the best locksmith companies can provide you with full-service commercial locksmith services and installation, which is why you’ll find it all at BMG! From doorknobs to repairs, maintenance to lock installation, and everything in between, we’ll be proud to earn your repeat business.